Moves and Motions

Welcome to Moves & Motions School of Dance

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Moves & Motions.

Whether you are a returning student, or new to our studio, we thank you for choosing Moves & Motions for your dance education. We are confident that with our 29 years of experience, along with our amazing staff, you will have an experience at Moves & Motions that you cannot find elsewhere. We are now accepting registration for Summer & Fall 2016 session. Proud Members of Dance Educators of America, Shape America, Nu Delta Alpha-National Dance Honor Society, National Dance Education Organization and The Affiliate, More Than Just Great Dancing.


A real treasure" - Moves and Motion is more than a dance school.. it is a family. Excellent dance lessons for students of all ages and skill levels from talented, caring and supportive teachers and staff -- with reasonable rates and convenient schedules. Fabulous recitals!!! How do I know? I've been part of this "family" for 15 years as I watched my child (a recreational student) grow in her love of dance and enjoy long-time (perhaps lifelong) friendships!
Louise Genussa
Moves and Motions doesn't just teach dance, discipline, and a love for the arts, it is a family that you become a part of and will always cherish
Doreen Goddfrey
I wanted to tell you all THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. i'm graduating from high school on monday and so recently i've been thinking about all of my years so far and have realized that moves and motions (and the family that i have gained from it) have been my biggest influence over the years. i can never thank you enough to truly express how grateful i am for every single one of you and i know this message is extremely random but my heart was just bursting with love and energy as i was thinking about it and i just HAD to share my thoughts! i will make sure to see you all very soon! xxx
Amanda Krische
A home away from home...lifelong friends,dedication, laughter,teamwork,the art of dance,confidence,role models, fun tmes and endless memories...
Lori Cicchino
Exceptional and Dedicated teachers/director/staff who promote positivity, confidence and are truly excellent role models that go above and beyond for each and every student!!!!
Doreen Seith